First of all, huge thanks to my friend, Hayden, who made me aware of this.  After he told me, I immediately felt the need to write a blog post about this.  

I am a Democrat living in Los Angeles.  2020 Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson also happens to be a Democrat living in Los Angeles.  There are some things to like about her. Like most Democrats, she supports the $15/hour minimum wage, abortion rights, climate action, ending immigrant detainments, and stopping gerrymandering.  She is in line with progressives on most issues and supported Bernie Sanders in 2016. She’s a New York Times best-selling author who’s written twelve books regarding spirituality and politics.  And she founded the Project Angel Food organization, which provides free meals to bed-ridden people with AIDS and HIV.  I coincidentally volunteered for that organization when I was in high school.  It’s fair to say that Ms. Williamson has good intentions, but that doesn’t automatically make her a qualified presidential candidate.

The giant red flag for me and most Democrats is that she is anti-vax, or as anti-vaxxers usually call themselves, a “vaccine skeptic.”  An article on The Daily Beast noted that she called vaccine mandates “Orwellian.” I will let that article speak for itself.  It’s a big problem for a presidential candidate to be anti-vax, regardless of party. President Trump has stated on several occasions that he’s anti-vax and believes vaccines cause autism.  Vaccine mandates are not a political issue, but a critical health issue as vaccines protect you and others around you. 2019 has been the worst year for measles outbreaks and the anti-vax movement is to blame for those.  I stated in my Op-Ed on Newsweek that as someone with autism, I am personally offended by the anti-vax movement.  I dive further into that topic in the Op-Ed.

Williamson did attempt to cover herself up both on Twitter and in an interview on The View.  I have embedded the interview from The View below this post, where Meghan McCain and other hosts on the show grilled Williamson over her stance on mandatory vaccines.  In the interview, she hesitated while answering the question, saying she’s “not anti-vaccine” and that she “misspoke” when calling vaccines “Draconian” and “Orwellian.”  This is exactly what anti-vax celebrities, including Jenny McCarthy and Jessica Biel, said while being asked about that subject. Instead of speaking their truth, they pretend to be pro-vax to avoid further controversy.  And that hasn’t worked well for any of them. Even when “any press is good press,” this issue has not helped Williamson in the polls.

Williamson isn’t as prominent or well known and is competing against high-profile politician candidates including Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris.  Even more so, Williamson lacks the qualifications and political experience that the other candidates have to offer. If you look up the 2020 Primaries on RealClearPolitics, you will see that Williamson doesn’t even make the list.  And several candidates including Tim Ryan, Julian Castro, and Kirsten Gillibrand are not polling too well and Williamson has yet to compete with them.  She has no chance of getting far in the primaries and should drop out of the race ASAP. She’s better off writing books and running Project Angel Food than making a fool of herself in future debates.  She can keep her good image by not making any more controversial statements that offend the autism and medical communities.

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