Last week, Newsweek published an Op-Ed I wrote entitled, “I Have Autism and I am Offended by the Anti-Vax Movement.” As someone with autism, I have been critical of anti-vaxxers for the last 10+ years. Not simply because vaccines don’t cause autism, but because anti-vax parents believe that autism is worse than a deadly disease. That’s completely not true. Even though Andrew Wakefield’s initial study connecting vaccines to autism was debunked and proven fraudulent, some parents are still not vaccinating. 2019 was the worst year for measles since the measles was eliminated 20 years ago. And that’s because parents still believe there’s a connection. Please read my Op-Ed here and you’ll see I get more specific with my views.

And huge thanks to my friend and mentor, Lee McIntyre for helping get this published!

Here’s a link:

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